Post Shave Treatment Industries, Inc.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Power Shave® Post Shave Treatment FoR MaN & Priva Shave® Post Shave Treatment “FoR WoMaNis presented as a result of several years of research by its president, Therman McKenzie (a registered Pharmacist), and a well renowned Cosmetic Chemist, James Agard.

James Agard spent 12 years at the world famous Estee Lauder company, where
he served as a bench chemist, a cosmetic chemist and performed even at the
level of production planner, for domestic and European manufacturing
locations. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and served as Vice President
of Manufacturing for a new and young company formed in early 1973. That
cosmetic firm, M&M Products Company, grew from a basement operation to a
multinational concern with over $48,000,000.00 in annual sales, until it was
sold in 1990.

Post Shave Treatment Industries, Inc. is a newly formed company with its
purpose to provide a revolutionary and very effective after shave treatment
for women and others who have a need to shave the bikini line, legs and
under arms and avoid the age old, post shave discomfort. Post shave trauma
to the top layer of skin or the epithelium in many persons results in
swelling, discoloration, soreness and ultimately ingrown or embedded hairs.

Our research indicates that, while there are many methods employed for the
removal of hair such as razor shaving, epilation, electrolysis, cold and hot
waxing; there is a void as it relates to the availability of post shave
treatment products that make the hair removal experience a pleasant one
after the shaving is done.

Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaNis brought to you
with the following guaranteed results:

1.) No more burning in shaved areas due to body perspiration.
2.) No more skin discoloration due to cuts and scrapes.
3.) No more swelling, ingrown hairs or razor bumps. It is our pledge to
solve the above problems immediately after shaving.

100% Money Back Guaranteed


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