Shaving Pubic Hair and Treating the Sensitive Area Afterward Shaving Pubic Hair


Priva Shave® Post Shave Treatment “FoR"The Fastest Way To A Smooth Bikini Line™"  and to be used after shaving pubic hair...Power Shave® Post Shave Treatment FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaN...helps to reduce the occurrence of the following conditions of shaving pubic hair:




Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaN...helps in reducing the occurrence of all of the above problems when employing the following hair removal methods:

Product Efficacy
Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaN has a unique anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant system coupled with a very effective antiseptic system. The anti-inflammatory /anti-irritant system is highly effective in helping to reduce the normal intense inflammation that results from the irritating process of hair removal. Together these two systems helps to prevent the introduction of bacteria into broken skin and block the normal inflammatory process. The system helps to reduce swelling and soreness, scars, skin discoloration and annoying itching resulting from
shaving pubic hair . Because of this formulation,Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaN will give you smooth, soft skin...After the irritating shaving process. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS OUT ON THIS REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY.



Pathological Disease
Manifestations of "Ingrown Hairs" related to shaving pubic hair

Inflammation: The body's response to injury. Skin tissue is damaged after the shaving process and it usually causes pain, heat, redness, and swelling. These symptoms occur because blood vessels in the area dilate to bring in extra white blood cells to eat the bacteria and other foreign particles gathering at the site of injury. As a result, dead cells begin to accumulate thus forming papule that turn into pus during the healing process. Any hair in the area gets bound under this formation, cannot exit the skin properly, and worsens the affected area. The hair must be removed to ensure proper and complete healing.


Papule Formation: A small superficial raised abnormality or spot on the skin commonly known as a bump. 


Pustule Development: A blister on the skin containing pus.


Bleeding: The rupture of an infected pustule and surrounding blood vessels due to their dilation and close proximity. These vessels are present and in a dilated condition to promote healing.


Micrococci: Colonies or clusters of bacteria that cause abscesses in affected tissue. Their presence cause the body to begin the healing effort by both collecting these harmful bacteria and also by building a wall around the bacteria to prevent further spreading throughout the body.


Leukocyte Count Increases: - The presence of white blood cells increases in a damaged or infected area to protect the body against foreign substances and to help produce antibodies


Hypertrophy and Keloidal Scarring: Skin tissue begins to multiply in response to injury caused by the act of shaving, especially in sensitive areas (e.g. bikini line) thus causing Keloidal scarring. Keloid development is common in a small percentage of the population and is clearly defined as a hard, prominent, irregular shaped scar tissue, in the skin, often increasing in size. Keloidal scarring also usually occurs where healing injuries, burns, or surgical incisions are under tension. For those rare cases the use of Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaNimmediately after shaving will prevent the inflamed tissue from progressing to the point of keloidal development.


Epilation: The removal of a hair by its roots. This process is normally done by pulling the hair(s) with tweezers, using wax to strip an area of hair, or by electrolysis.

Note: If bumps are already present, all ingrown hairs must be removed preferably by using tweezers. Then the area should be thoroughly cleaned or scrubbed with a good soap and hot water. Finally, apply enough Power Shave® FoR MaN™” & Priva Shave® FoR WoMaN to cover the entire cleansed area. Let area dry naturally thus allowing the product to soak well into the pores for maximum benefit. Employing this process over a two-day period will eliminate all traces of bumps, swelling and skin reddening.




Purpose or Advantage
1. Anti-inflammatory Agents Helps to prevents inflammatory response associated with shaving in Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Helps to reduce inflammation. Helps to reduces papules and pustules formations. Improves shaving pubic hair.
2. Antiseptic Agents Helps to prevent the introduction of germs into the scrapes and irritations due to the shaving process.
3. Humectants Helps control the moisture exchange between skin and hair and assist in softening the skin through rehydration.
4. Emollients Lipophitic ingredients that assist in softening the skin by occlusion into the skin surface.
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